RKM Skopje

RKM Skopje is one of the smallest oil companies in Macedonia. Only three years after its incorporation, RKM Skopje became the leader in the region for the sale of fuel oil M1 HC.

The basic objective and mission of RKM Skopje is to be a friend, reliable and long-term partner and energy supplier of industrial facilities in the territory of the Western Balkans.

Based on its objectives, RKM has firmly established partnership relations with oil companies from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Albania.

Our fuels are used in important industrial facilities that are the essential driver of economy and are a direct input to the creation of gross domestic products.

Our petroleum products comply with laws and regulations and standards, depending on the home country of our local partner, buyer or distributor.

RKM is a local partner of suppliers and refineries from Greece, Germany, Austria and Croatia. RKM has exclusivity for the region of oil refineries and suppliers from Bulgaria, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates.

RKM Skopje has a storage space of 4500 mt for fuel oil M1.


RKM dooel Skopje, as a partner and friend of industrial facilities and thermal power plants, has various types of fuels for the needs of our customers.

RKM, as an oil company in the field of energy it operates with, is the most influential factor in the region based on the logistics partners in the region.

RKM delivers its products by means of transport, tank trucks and trains, and also has the capacity to sell via ship tankers, thanks to its business partners in the Middle East.

RKM Skopje

Park Residence – Stoltenbergova 1 – 4th Floor, Skopje