License for wholesale in crude oil, petroleum products, biofuel and transport fuels – WHOLESALE IN FUEL M1.

License for trading natural gas.

License for distribution and supply of natural gas.

License to trade in electricity.



The certificate confirms that the business entity is within the group of companies with the best credit rating in North Macedonia.
Business entity meets all the criteria for the year 2023 and ranks among the top rating of excellence.

RKM as a socially responsible company, whose basic principle of work is to comply with laws and regulations, contributes with the quality of its fuels to the protection of the environment and by helping environmental associations.

ISO 9001:2015

RKM, as a leader in the sale of FUEL OIL M1, develops its management in accordance with global modernization and standardization in corporate management. In the general management processes, ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality management by an internationally accredited body have been fully implemented.

ISO 14001:2015

RKM is ISO standardized oil company in its progressive process and has environmental protection certificates ISO 14001:2015 for trade in fuel oil, petroleum, coke and bitumen.

In addition to the implementation of quality management and environmental standards within the framework of ethical partnership relations, RKM aims to protect its suppliers – oil refineries and traders, and the basic factor is the buyers and the trust they give us.

ISO 5001

RKM, as a company that has an active contribution to the energy sector, has the ISO 50001 certificate, which is synonymous with the value of our responsibility to modernization and implementation of modern and contemporary inputs based on which we gain the trust of our users.

RKM is an active member of the energy chamber of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

RKM is an active member of MATTO – Macedonian – Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

IASS: BRAND.R AA+ 2024-2026

Best Brand Certificate – Brand Rating AA+ for complying with procedures for social responsibility, environmental protection and quality.